What is ReoMeds?

ReoMeds is an integrated information system for managing medical department specific protocols, agendas, and staff. You can efficiently keep track of the staff, upcoming events and meetings in your department.

How ReoMeds can help me?

ReoMeds will automate your routine tasks, record your clinical activities without any extra efforts, provide you with hassle-free and quick accounting and make your day much more organized. As a byproduct your patients will get a better sense of professionalism and confidence in your practice.

I already use different software, how is REOMEDS better?

Other software available today lack ease of use and time-saving capabilities, which have been given primary importance in ReoMeds. It integrates with your workflow and is extremely customizable to your needs.

How can I view a Demo?

You can view a demo by scheduling an appointment with us. You can schedule your appointment by sending a request to us on ....................

Can I manage users and their access controls?

ReoMeds provides benefits to the administrator, who will be able to manage all users, define their roles and assign required access to the system.

Is there any specific knowledge required for using ReoMeds?

No, there is not any such requirement for using ReoMeds. As the application is developed in a user-friendly structure, even a novice user can easily operate the system.

What kind of technical setup is required to use ReoMeds?

• A smart phone device or tablet • You need to download our app on iOS and Android, and • A decent internet connection

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